I sit here trying to conjure words to describe the purpose of my business and this website. First there is no “we” it’s just me, struggling to make my mark in this world. Someone told me my business model was a bit confusing and the fact that the company still existed did illicit a chuckle from someone. I have been at the mercy of shady recruiters without consistent work and I have no interest in operating a office that will probably be shut down for Medicaid fraud or malpractice because I have hired a jackass. 
I do have expertise in healthcare technology and expert level experience with Cerner and Meditech, but my experience and pay rate prices me out of most positions. I have people wanting me to invest hundreds of thousands in a franchise or give someone 5 grand to coach me how to be a successful internet entrepreneur when the information is out there at a much lower rate.  Then get an attitude when I turn them down flat. Seriously. 
I had to refocus the purpose of the business. I have expertise and a genuine interest in pediatric weight management, healthy lifestyles for the American family, travel, and how those interests affect each other.  
What is contained within the pages of this website and why is it monetized? This site contains my personal blog, other pages promoting products and services of which I have expertise. I am considering building a virtual pediatric office, but that is only in the planning stages. The site has advertisements and other links for products to purchase and I do receive a percentage of the sales which will allow me to continue to research and provide my expertise. I wish I could provider this information free of charge but I do have to make a living. Thanks in advance for purchases or endorsements!

PS All photos contained in these pages were taken by yours truly. And I take full responsibility for any “smart-alecky” statements contained herein.
Who are we?

You must pay for everything in this world. Nothing is free, except for the Grace Of God. True Grit, 2011.

Courage is not ever showing fear, but courage is the recognition of fear and not being paralyzed by it. By Me, November 12, 2009
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